Tips & Tricks

With these tips and tricks, you will win every single battle that you encounter while enjoying this awesome game even more! If you like the manga, you are probably addicted to The Seven Deadly Sins game and we are here to help you out in this article, how to make the most out of the gameplay, so without further introduction, here are tips and tricks on how to manage and win every challenge and battle.

Progress with the character you are given

First thing you want to do is decide if you want to reroll and spend some time on that, or simply want to casually enjoy the gameplay. If you think you are going to be alright with already given units, don’t waste your time on rerolling, so once you decide on that it is time move on with the game.

For all the players that want to play casually, simply move on with your given units and start playing. Do your best to go as far as you can in the game with those first units since they are not for waste and can hold on just fine for a while if you play your cards right. If you don’t want to spend time to reroll, it is best that you hold on to those units and pass as many stages as you can.

Get bonuses by cooking dishes

While the dishes you cook will give you extra stats, it is really useful and super fun to cook different dishes in order to get some rewards in return. This will also make you more powerful when it comes to encounters throughout the game, so once you gather enough materials, the best choice is to head back and cook something since that way you will grab more benefits. Make sure to remember to always eat before a tough battle as that will help you in staying longer, and always have some food pre-prepared just in case. Once you increase your level, you will gain the ability to find better materials and make better dishes.

Visit the Material Merchant

He will sell you different foods and the more you strengthen your friendship with the Material Merchant, he will reward you with better materials to make dishes. All the materials you can find here will be refreshed every day so make sure to always check out and purchase exactly the ones you want.

If you end up not needing some items, here is the perfect place where you can also sell them and in exchange get some Gold. Sell only those items that you really don’t need or if you are in a tough financial situation and need more Gold. Keep in mind that you can’t buy back those items that you sell even if you need them again, so always be smart and check twice if you are selling some materials.

Change the music!

If you get bored from listening the same track over and over again, visit Tavern and swap the music with the one that you enjoy and make the gameplay fresh. You can pick tunes from in-game music list and play variety of tracks.

Combine the moves every chance you get

By combining different moves, you will enhance them and make stronger ones so make sure to do this in battles as often as you can. Move your cards by tapping, then hold, drag and drop the next card to another which has the same skill and icon, and then they will instantly get combined.

Make sure to decorate your Tavern for increased gains

In the bottom left screen, you can find a button “Decorate” and make sure to tap on it in order to decorate your Tavern and get some extra bonuses as a reward. Decorations will be priced in Diamonds, but you will start buying them one at the time.

Enhance your Heroes

Use Hero Enhance Potions and Water of Life and that way make some enhancements. Start with your strongest hero and build him up since that way you are ensuring your win in the battle and you will not be wasting valuable materials on other heroes. If you currently don’t have any SSR heroes, that is fine, simply wait for them and build the ones that you currently have until you acquire the strong one.

How to get SSR hero

Once you acquire 30 diamonds, go ahead and summon the 11 heroes gacha which is going to help you get more heroes and occasionally some good ones. once in a while you will get an SSR hero so you can instantly build him up from there. So, that would be it for out tips and trick that we have prepared and hopefully you will find at least some of them helpful. If you have any guides for The Seven Deadly Sins, please don’t hesitate to share them in comments below!

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