Zombies made a great comeback in 2019 and LifeAfter gained attention as one of the top rated games in this genre. Let’s see what the fuss is about.

Players are put in a role of survivor of a zombie apocalypse. You are supposed to start a new life in these circumstances. If you check out the tutorial you will learn some basic combat, crafting and collecting resources. It will also show you how to keep out of trouble.

Most of the time playing the game will be used to fight zombies in numerous ways such as blasting their heads and some might find this part the most amusing. But as you progress and become more successful in the fights you will get a chance to create your own weapons and ammo, different tools and structures. In our opinion this is one of the features that really makes a difference and rates LifeAfter to the top selections.

Playing on, you will try your best to find more survivors and team up. The humanity needs a rebuild and it is up to you to try to make that happen and make world a safe place to live again.

The game is quite eye catching, you can expect vivid colors and surroundings. The controls are easy and the menu is clear so you won’t have any trouble with navigation. You manage menus using a rustic board. There are a lot of details and the game is appealing and enjoying.

The scenery is done with great attention and details. You will wonder the remains of the world most of the time and you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. As part of your survival path you will have to cut trees, explore buildings and wonder around cliffs. You will surely enjoy this journey that can easily be interrupted by zombie attacks. So prepare yourself for sudden surprises.

When it comes to combat you will see that it is also done with attention. You can use many different weapons. Sometimes you will face a weak undead and end them with a single shot and other times you will come to mutated monsters that need more strategic moves to fight.

The combat sometimes feels quite lifeless because it is too easy. Also the dialogs are poorly done and you will skip the most. But all in all, the game is entertaining and most of the content is done correctly so the drawbacks turn out minor and irrelevant. Hit the Google Play of App Store and try out AfterLIfe today!