Tips & Tricks

Although Planet Pi is slow paced, it is quite enjoyable, and the best part is that is contains no ads to interrupt your gameplay. You can rely on IAP for speeding up the process but other than that no ads will come across your way.

Once you go through all these tips and tricks, there is no doubt you are going to make more progress and rule the whole universe so let’s get to it right away!

Purchase upgrades in order to get the biggest bang

You can buy upgrades and that way boost your idle production of resources, but those boosts can be quite expensive. The price of upgrades doesn’t add up to its value, so make sure to do the math and figure out which lower priced upgrade is worth of investing in rather than spending a lot of resources and not getting what you deserve. Don’t invest in expensive upgrade while you can pick lower priced ones and get better boosts. Also, once you buy a certain upgrade, its price automatically rises so next time you will be spending more resources so always keep track of costs and profits in order to optimize your planet’s growth.

Tap cargo ships for more resources

If you want to grab more resources, you can tap a planet and get some, but from time to time, a cargo ship will appear holding 9 loads of resources so make sure to get them. That way you can acquire plenty of resources so make sure to tap at all cause. You can get even more by moving from a planet to another planet right after you collect resources from a cargo ship. Simply rise and repeat, and after a while you will gather a significant amount of resources.

Attack new colonies

Make sure to conquer new colonies as soon as possible and that way boost production on your planet. While every colony will bring you 5% boosts in storage and resource production, you conquer as many colonies as you please and that way increase production. Also you will need to defend conquered colonies from attacks, and to easily accomplish that you will need to always have at least 2 boosts in savings, so right after you defeat new colony, you can upgrade it and that way defend it from incoming attacks. To decide how many troops, you will be needing to place inside a colony and that way defend it, simply check out how many troops are placed in colonies that are nearby.

Upgrade your troops as often as possible

Always get the best available troops in order to successfully come out from the battle. You enemies will get tough really fast so be prepared and make sure to send research so you can make progress all the time.

Terraform main planets first

You can boost productivity by terraforming colonies and planets but make sure to terraform planets firstly and then colonies secondly in case you have no main upgrades to buy. By terraforming the main planet, you will increase happiness of all colonies in the solar system and that way get bonus resources. If you want to terraform a colony it will be at the same price as if you want to terraform the planet.

Get more resources by sending expeditions

Elements are the type of resources you will need to get in order get those Terraforming upgrades and they are really hard to grab. You can send expeditions to grab bonus resources, but they take a long time to return and are not cheap so make sure to send them as soon as possible so they could return in some time and right after that, send the next one. These is one other way to acquire resources and that is by conquering colonies. Every time you successfully defeat a colony, you will get variety of Elements so there is even more reason to attack those colonies.

Purchase boosts!

While watching ads will give you certain resources and bonuses, in this game that is not the case which has its pros and cons. You can’t get an option to grab bonuses for free, however you can spend real money and purchase resources much faster.

And that would be it for our Planet Pi game guide, and hopefully you find it helpful enough to conquer more planets and make a productivity of your planet even bigger. If you have some tips and guides, please do share them in comments below.

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