This celebratory release is a perfect icing to Nintendo’s cake and brings so much joy to many players around the globe. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits the spot when it comes to all things gaming and if you like battling with friends in the ultimate fighting game, this one you should definitely check out when you get a chance.

The game starts with an amazing orchestrated intro and with it, the whole ambient is set for the rest of the game and you absolutely know that you won’t be disappointed, and you are in for a treat. The title of the song is called “Lifelight” and it fits perfectly with the epic setting of triumph and battling.

There is also a new addition if you want to play new adventure mode called “World of Light” where you will battle to defeat the enemy that has fallen from the sky and with him brought an army of Master Hands. You will watch as all beloved heroes are defeated one by one and now are captured in trophies. 

The only one that survived the whole disaster is Kirby, and now you must help him out through his journey in order to bring his friends back. There is also a new feature introduced and it’s called “Spirits”! if you remember those stickers from Brawl, spirits are basically the same thing but only this time you use them in fights.

You can use spirits in order to boost your fighters in so many ways. All the spirits are heroes from different games, and they will help you out in fights by powering your fighter up with some goodies. In order to claim the essence of a certain spirit, you will need to defeat and capture it for use.

Fight against Zero Suit Samus on Luigi’s Mansion stage where the stage will occasionally without any warning flip upside down. This particular detail is pulled from Eternal Dakness since Zero Suit Samus has quite a resemblance to Alex and its mimicking inspiration to losing your sanity. This is just one of many incredible Spirit battles you will have to manage and it’s really awesome to see that they paid plenty of attention to details.

The Spirits are super fun and amazing feature to the series, and since there are no trophies for the first time in this game, Spirits are quite a nice substitute. You will stumble upon so many of them and some of them are not even from Nintendo games so be prepared to get surprised.

Besides from the Adventure mode, you can also enjoy the Classic mode where each character has its own route and you might not believe it but there are 63 of them. With one central theme, most of the fighters have special bosses that you will have to defeat also in order to progress.

If you are interested more in a single player mode, there are tons of things to immerse yourself into. There is basically a fighter for everyone’s taste and just pick out your favorite one and start your ultimate fights. All the fighters from different games are now in one game, with 100 different stages, and over 800 tracks to choose from and listen to while fighting.

In comparison to other Super Smash Bros games, Ultimate is a notably faster with a lot smoother experience. Controls are a lot more responsive than Smash 4 and you can string combos together which is a nice touch. Keep in mind that if you dodge too many times in a row, you will become vulnerable to attack, and if you drop your shield at the perfect moment to connect a hit, that will result in parrying so make sure to practice that move as often as you can.

You can also try yourself in different modes like Tournament mode, or Squad Strike mode where you can battle head to head with characters of your choice and form a team of five players. In Smashdown mode, you can pick a character to fight against and then you won’t be able to choose them ever again.

The only downside to this amazing game is lagging. Lag will creep into your matches even if you have an incredible internet connection so get prepared for some screeching whenever a game needs to catch up with your action. This will happen occasionally, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining every battle.

With 20 years of Nintendo history, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a treat for every player out there that is looking to fight to the core with their favorite characters from different games. it is truly an awesome addition and you won’t be disappointed to get it.